When does Microsoft's IE6 Support Expire?

I've had a couple of consumers (financial institutions) show that the factor their firm still systematizes on IE6 is due to the fact that it's still sustained by Microsoft. They will certainly update when Microsoft quits sustaining it they will certainly systematize on IE7 or probably IE8.

What is the main expiry day for assistance on IE6?

2019-05-06 00:52:56
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There has actually not been launched a main expiry day for IE6.

You can see the assistance lifecycle of Internet Explorer here.

2019-05-08 12:40:05

When Windows XP is no more sustained, which is whenever Microsoft determines to wrap up that.

Windows Life-Cycle Policy

Lifecycle Supported Service Packs

2019-05-08 12:35:54

IIRC - XP pre SP2 is in need of support.

XP SP2 and also XP SP3 are under Microsofts "Extended" assistance for an additional couple of years (till 2012?). This primarily suggests that you can still raise a Microsoft assistance call (Premier consumers etc) for XP, and also by organization IE6.

Nonetheless, MS has actually released IE8 as a Critical Update on Windows Update and also you might battle to get a solution from Microsoft for any kind of trouble you might run into. If it becomes a bug in IE6 after that MS will certainly not be repairing it (security solutions just under Extended assistance).

Start working with your IE8 rollout strategies. It's secure, provides far better than IE7 and also is toe - to - toe with FireFox (without the plugins)

2019-05-08 12:20:41