Does W3C Validation (Web Validation) actually make any kind of distinction to your website?

Does presenting the numerous recognition marks on your internet site make a distinction?
As an example

- HTML Validation

- W3C CSS Validation

- W3C XHTML Validation

What is the areas point of view on this location?
Are Browsers honouring the recognitions anyhow?

2019-05-06 01:34:44
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Answers: 2

I can consider 2 factors, one human the various other computer system.

The human factor - it reveals site visitors that you respect these points which your website is mosting likely to be well created and also not attempt to manipulate their internet browsers. It does not claim anything concerning the web content though :)

The computer system factor - it suggests that your site/application needs to provide appropriately and also continually in any kind of browser be it IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

2019-05-08 10:50:26

Advertising that your websites is making use of legitimate HTML is just like an auto supplier advertising and marketing that his autos can drive.

I do not assume there is much factor in presenting to your users what sort of HTML is made to construct the web page which it's legitimate. The majority of users wont recognize the distinction anyways.

Yet the websites that in fact does the recognition can is an excellent device for a programmer. It's a fast means to examine if you have actually made any kind of blunders in your markup and also can stay clear of internet browser providing the website in different ways.

2019-05-08 10:28:12