What features recognize a "cheese construct" in SC2?

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What exactly is a “cheese” in Starcraft 2?

What is the definition of a "cheese construct", especially with reference to typical SC2 constructs? Where did the term "cheese construct" stem?

2019-05-06 01:37:42
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A cheese construct is any kind of construct that is usually unpredictable in the lengthy - run, yet is made use of to manipulate a solitary weak point .

The term "cheese construct" is very closely pertaining to the term "cheesy".

3. (casual) mediocre via being overdramatic, exceedingly psychological or clichéd, commonplace, contrived, shabby

4. (casual) of a remedy to a trouble, inelegant, revealing no ability (see brute pressure method)

2019-05-08 10:13:57

Here's an excellent overview on the term

Of all the worst most unfriendly approaches in Starcraft, one of the most aggravating ones are primarily any kind of kind of cheese. It's unpleasant, , horrible, bad, and also aggravating.
Nonetheless, a great deal of individuals have some false impressions concerning cheese.
First off, below's my definition of cheese :

An approach that adheres to these problems :

  • Takes the campaign
  • Is tough to look
  • Designed to win the video game with the least quantity of initiative.
  • Leaves the cheeser at an extreme negative aspect if the approach falls short to do enough damages.


2019-05-08 10:11:25