Just how do I recursively use PKGREPOSITORY when calling make package-recursive in FreeBSD?

I'm attempting to create a plan of Apache and also its dependences:

sudo make package-recursive \
__MAKE_CONF=~/make.apache22.conf \

Every little thing functions penalty; Apache and also its dependences compile and also install and also apache22.tbz remains in gvkv. The trouble is that the dependence plans are constructed in their corresponding ports/<package> directory sites! There have to do with fifteen of them and also while it's very easy sufficient to fetch them with find and also a perl one-liner, undoubtedly there have to be a means to inform make to run in a setting such that the dependence plans wind up in gvkv.

2019-05-06 02:00:04
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Part of the enjoyable of making use of FreeBSD is managing the ports subsystem. It's excellent in several means - - very easy installment and also updating within the FreeBSD ecological community yet inadequate in others - - setup variables using make arrangement documents or setting do not function as anticipated or perhaps as marketed.

However, SirDice has actually involved the rescue with a cool little method :

mount -t nullfs /directory/for/pkgs /usr/ports/packages

which is actually trendy due to the fact that it bypasses making use of setting variables and also you can set the location directory site for any place you desire. Really handy if you're (like me) making use of a 'construct - prison' to make plans that are mounted on various systems or various other prisons.

The /usr/ports/packages directory site is where PACKAGES indicate (if it exists) which is apparently able to aim elsewhere yet really did not benefit me. The man web page specifies establishing PKGREPOSITORY which just functions if you are constructing a solitary plan.

2019-05-08 19:46:13

I've read that that PKGREPOSITORY hinges on PACKAGES.

You can set PACKAGES in /etc/make.conf. As an example :

DISTDIR= /opt/portbuild/distfiles
2019-05-08 18:22:59