Just how do I construct huge, healthy and balanced cities in Simcity 4?

Every single time I play Simcity 4, my cities generally wind up damaged and also overpolluted by the time they get to 100k people. What's the most effective means to attempt and also get a satisfied, healthy and balanced, and also successful huge city?

2019-05-06 02:45:15
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There are 2 means I generally damage my cities:

Spending Money On Things Before Sims Want Them

Sims desire points ... colleges, health centers, parks ... yet they desire some points greater than others, and also if you construct them in the incorrect order you are WASTING YOUR MONEY, due to the fact that they do not have their complete result. On the fast reference overview, along with hidden deep in the Sim City Manual under the worth graph, is perhaps one of the most vital details to the video game that no person recognizes:

What (Sim City) Sims Want

Although you angle straight influence the sorts of owners that create in your city, you do have indirect control by influencing the worth of the zoned locations of your city. The adhering to activities can be required to boost the worth for each and every of these owner kinds:

This graph is ORDERED. Residential Sims desire cops greater than health centers. Dirty/Manufacturing sector desires cops, after that much shorter scare journeys, after that NOTHING else, they enjoy. After you've cared for the essentials that every area desires, power and also water for greater thickness/$$$, care for troubles in this order and also you'll invest much less loan, bring in even more Sims, and also make even more loan. I'll duplicate one more time:

I assume this is one of the most vital details individuals are missing out on to constructing a wonderful city.

Not Replacing Dying Utilites

The energies structures, water pumps, nuclear power plant, and also burners age with time, extra for the even more they are made use of. They progressively set you back even more to keep and also have lower result. At some point, you are paying the nose for absolutely nothing. Change them as quickly as you can.

Unique note, if you are making use of Waste To Energy burners, transform them to generating no power and also have them just take care of waste. This protects against the plant from maturing in any kind of recognizable quantity, and also you can after that acquire your power from a less costly plant. The disadvantage is that your power spending plan will certainly not go to 100%, so 1) new plants will certainly start at whatever the spending plan is readied to on the whole, and also 2) there is an opportunity of fire on all high-voltage line. So simply do not make use of any kind of ... make use of reduced thickness business area rather. Very same power spread, no charge, feasible revenue.

2019-05-30 18:04:55

I've not played in ages, yet I appear to bear in mind that the method was to not come to be also affixed to any kind of certain sector. That is, if you invested a great deal of initiative structure - up a large business location, allow's claim, after that it begins to fail, agree to bulldoze it down and also make something various, if that's "what the video game desires."

I additionally appear to remember that making whole lots & great deals of "miniature - cities" - - areas that were virtually self had, with a wonderful equilibrium of parks & rec, sector, business (" shopping center" :) and also household appeared to function well. It aided lower commute - time, which I assume my little sims suched as :)

But, once more, you need to be rather hefty - handed with the excavator (not simultaneously!), and also going to make constant changes as this or that location obtains way too much THIS and also not nearly enough THAT. As a whole, I would certainly claim that 10% of any kind of offered city was ALWAYS "incomplete", which 10% walked around a LOT.

Additionally : I assume it aids to constantly fix damages (calamity or rot) as promptly as feasible, and also invest the cash on cops & fire solutions.

Hmmm, currently you obtained me itchin' for some 'City - - gon na need to dig that out! :)

2019-05-08 12:44:57

Unfortunately, the video game is rather harsh out of package. The range a sim agrees to take a trip for job is instead worthless, which suggests you need to construct your business and also commercial areas really near your suburbs.

Attempt making use of the Network AddOn Mod (NAM) to complete the sorts of roadways you can construct and also increase the range sims agree to commute to function.

Additionally, Simtropolis is the solitary biggest on-line area for SimCity and also they have hundreds of handy users on their discussion forums with very useful details to aid you do well at city structure (as well as the Simtropolis Exchange (STEX), which has 10s of hundreds of customer developed structures, versions and also mods you can download and install to boost the video game).

2019-05-08 12:34:51

Argh, reviewing this inquiry and also the solutions is making me intend to play once more ...

That claimed, though it's been a pair years given that I've selected it up, have you ever before attempted making a smaller sized city beside your existing one which operates as your location for unloading waste, manufacturing facilities, etc The last time I played, I attempted that approach and also it maintained my city spick-and-span and also I had a rather satisfied populace. Run high-voltage line from the smaller sized city to your huge one and also have some roadways for dump vehicles to go out. I located that it made a rather massive distinction in my air pollution price.

2019-05-08 12:31:21