Can any person advise an HTTP debugging proxy?

I would certainly such as something that permits me to:

  1. Evaluate all HTTP (S) website traffic in between my computer system and also the Internet, consisting of
  2. Change inbound or outward bound information
  3. It would certainly additionally behave if it had a scripting subsystem for establishing regulations and also occasions
  4. I favor it be a GUI application.

Please do not address with WireShark. I recognize WireShark and also I have actually utilized it several sometimes and also it's a wonderful application. I would certainly such as something that limits it's captures to the application layer and also HTTP (S) website traffic just and also overlooks the various other Internet Protocol Suite layers. Additionally, it does not have several of the attributes I detailed above.

2019-05-06 02:48:32
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2019-05-08 12:53:14