The amount of AB1 projectiles should I bring along to stealth bomb an IC fort?

Do not neglect to add some safety and security margin for the projectiles that will certainly get to the hollow components of the base and also not deal any kind of damages

2019-05-06 02:51:31
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its not actually an inquiry of the amount of projectiles you need to bring, its the amount of projectiles need to be Abdominal Muscle. If you are taking a stealth bombing plane, its a seeker/ Abdominal Muscle proportion. I generally establish that off of numerous variables

1) exist any kind of various other tiny targets along the road I can flop by myself. 2) the amount of various other StealthBombers are striking the very same target. 3) how much time do I sensibly anticipate to survive

generally i locate 2 - 4 ample for engagement in a worked with run. If I need to stroll a longer means, I will certainly bring 6 - 8 to get any kind of targets of possibility.

additionally, BRING HUNTERS!!!! Whatever room you DON'T make use of can haul seekers. In this way the pesky precursor attempting to capture you will certainly have another thing to bother with.

2019-05-08 10:07:11