Incorporating Visual Studio Test Project with Cruise Control

I'm checking into making use of Visual Studio 2008's constructed in device examination tasks as opposed to NUnit and also I was asking yourself if any person has any kind of experience in attempting to incorporate this sort of device examination task with Cruise Control.Net.

2019-05-06 02:53:07
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From several of the first study it does not seem an extremely straightforward remedy.

It shows up that doing this entails having Visual Studio 2008 in fact mounted on the continuous integration web server, which can be a bargain breaker.

After that set up the MSTest.exe to run in the jobs checklist, yet first you'll need to make a set documents to delete the outcomes documents from previous passes as this documents's presence creates a mistake.

After that create a xslt to layout the outcomes and also place it right into the dashboard.config documents.

The code task write-up I located has a whole lot even more information.

Integrating Visual Studio Team System 2008 Unit Tests with CruiseControl.NET

2019-05-08 10:06:44