HTC Evo - Can Wi-Fi Radio Sleep?

I've seen that when proactively downloading and install a great deal of information, the Wi-Fi radio makes use of a lot less power than the 3G radio. Nonetheless, when the phone is not being made use of a lot, the 3G radio will certainly rest yet the Wi-Fi radio will certainly not. This in fact suggests that if I leave Wi-Fi on, my battery will certainly drain pipes concerning 2.5 times faster than if I were making use of 3G.

Exists a means to get the most effective of both globes? When in series of a Wi-Fi signal I would certainly like it if I can leave Wi-Fi on and also it would certainly oversleep a comparable fashion to the 3G radio. Is this feasible?

Setups > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi setups > Menu > Advanced > Wi-Fi rest plan > After 15 minutes does not show up to do what I desire. Primarily, Wi-Fi will certainly constantly get on and afterwards otherwise made use of, will certainly switch off after 15 mins and also activate the 3G radio. And afterwards the 3G radio will not rest in all! Which is actually dreadful and also not what I desire in all.

2019-05-04 00:17:14
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Presuming that you generally just desire your Wi-Fi activated in particular areas (e.g. Home and also Work ), after that an application like Locale that can transform accounts and also switch over power-hungry parts like Wi-Fi on and also off based upon your area might suffice for you?

(note that this is not a free application )

2019-05-07 17:03:29