How to understand what's taking up disk space?

I'm seeking a linux choice to WinDirStat. I would love to recognize what is occupying room on my disk drives.

A program that works with console and also does not call for a UI is favored.

2019-05-09 20:54:34
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I have recently used command line tool (CLI, not TUI):

It produces a PNG file which you can view somewhere else. It also has a CGI script.

Most likely you are not limited to text mode at your local workstation, so it should be appropriate.

2022-07-20 13:44:47

You can additionally attempt GD Map, an additional GUI device based upon treemaps.

2019-05-16 21:30:36

Another GUI program is : baobab

2019-05-12 02:08:38

Based on your concerns in installing ncdu my referral would certainly be to make use of du and also sort on with each other.

As an example:

  • du /home | sort -rn (will certainly look all files/directories under/ residence and also type them by biggest to tiniest.
  • du -h /home | sort -rh (very same yet will certainly show it in MB/KB/etc) - Note this calls for coreutils 7.5 or more recent (sort --version to examine)

You can change/ residence with any kind of directory site of your selection.

2019-05-12 02:05:00

There is additionally this trendy python manuscript from/

bzr branch lp:~mcfletch/squaremap/trunk squaremap

It's not one of the most include abundant, yet it's ranged from a solitary python manuscript so it's exceptionally mobile.

2019-05-12 01:43:34

If you desire a command - line device, I favor ncdu, an ncurses variation of du. It checks the disk (or an offered folder) and afterwards reveals the leading - degree room usages ; you can select an offered directory site to get the equivalent recap for that directory site, and also return without requiring to reanalyze:

If you're alright with a GUI program, Filelight is the closest point to WinDirStat I've located ; it reveals a visual sight of room intake:

Like ncdu, Filelight allows you select an offered directory site to get the failure for that directory site

2019-05-12 00:36:28

You should be aware that WinDirStat is actually a port of KDirStat, which is a Linux/KDE program. So, if you are seeking a Linux choice to WinDirStat, you absolutely need to have a look at KDirStat. It is currently packaged in the majority of distros, simply install it.

An additional choice is FileLight, currently pointed out by Michael Mrozek, and also the Konqueror plugin fsview (you can run it standalone from the command - line).

2019-05-12 00:09:48