Free location-aware todo checklist

Exists a free location-aware todo checklist around?

I require something, that: advises me to acquire milk, when I'm near to my favorite store.

2019-05-04 00:21:15
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New application Location Alert will certainly do this.

Always remember an additional job with Location Alert - currently readily available entirely free! Area Alert is a reducing - side application that advises you to execute jobs based upon your existing area, as opposed to time. Usually there are jobs to which you can not define a particular time, nonetheless, would love to be advised when in a particular location. As an example, you do not recognize when specifically you will certainly leave job this night, yet whenever you do, and also are going across the food store on your means residence, you intend to be advised to grab milk. Area Alert to the rescue!

  • Do not recognize what time you'll be going across the scientific research division, yet require to bear in mind to hand over that assignment whenever you do?
  • Do not recognize what time you'll get to workplace yet must bear in mind to hand in that check to audit?
  • Required a suggestion to grab the DVD you left at Sam is residence whenever you remain in the location next time?
2019-05-31 20:27:33

If you are currently making use of Locale (which is not free), Astrid is a free task/todo checklist supervisor which can be set up to open a checklist of jobs with a details tag. Astrid additionally incorporates with Remember the Milk.

You can set up the checklist to open by numerous Locale problems, consisting of area.

I utilize it to advise me of upkeep jobs when I'm near the hardware store.

In addition, Remember the Milk is a free application which can cause by area, yet it does call for a Pro registration to bear in mind The Milk's internet site.

2019-05-09 03:55:08