Application supervisor for Android

Exists an application supervisor that would conveniently

  • kill/close an application from memory
  • install applications
  • unstall applications

System: HTC Desire and also Android 2.1.

2019-05-04 00:24:15
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ASTRO file manager does all those points, although I need to concur with Webs and also claim that you should not make use of job awesomes as they are no more required. For additional information, most likely to Application Fundamentals and also scroll to part life process.

Simply rely on the system, the means Android is made methods you do not require to do memory monitoring, the OS does it for you. Also the programmer of Advanced Task Killer claimed in a meeting that his application is no more required.

2019-05-12 05:01:02

If you are running Android 2.1 or 2.2 you do not intend to make use of application awesomes. It in fact prevents efficiency and also can create extra troubles due to the fact that Android has actually constructed in application murder capability right into the OS.

No application presently exists that can do all 3 of those. You can get an application that can do the first one, there are great deals of those yet I would not advise any one of them. Or you can get an application that can do those last 2 ...

  • Native Marketplace
  • Uninstaller
  • AppBrain App Market
  • My Market
  • App Center - by AndroidPit
2019-05-07 20:28:32

I concur that it can possibly create troubles (I've just had one trouble application [SportsTap made use of to offer me a pop-up when I would certainly force-kill it ], which has actually ultimately been dealt with ), yet they most definitely have their area. Occasionally I intend to eliminate every little thing feasible in one dropped swoop as a result of a trouble with the application. As an example, the integrated newsfeed widget occasionally screws up my touch screen, and also eliminating it remedies my touch concerns.

However, I'm making use of TaskPanel nowadays. As Webs claimed, it does not do install/uninstalls, yet given that he covered those, I figured I would certainly advise my job awesome of selection.

2019-05-07 20:28:11