How can I start the python SimpleHTTPServer on port 80?

I am utilizing this command on Ubuntu yet it is beginning on port 8080 and also I do not have an additional server running so I would certainly like it to start on port 80. I saw manner ins which you could set up a bash manuscript to do something similar to this, yet isn't there a command line flag or something less complex to define the port?

python -m SimpleHTTPServer
2022-06-05 17:01:56
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sudo python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80

for python 3.x variation, you might require:

sudo python -m http.server 80

Ports listed below 1024 call for origin advantages.

As George included a comment, running this command as origin is not an excellent suggestion - it opens all sort of protection susceptabilities.

Nonetheless, it addresses the inquiry.

2022-06-05 17:33:08