Just how can I sync my iTunes music collection in between 2 Macs absolutely free?

I have a desktop computer system that I make use of as a web server. I additionally have a MacBook Pro that is my major computer system. I've done a great deal of company and also cleaning of my music collection and also have all of it on my MacBook Pro.

I would certainly such as to have the ability to maintain the music collection on my MacBook Pro compatible the desktop computer equipment to make sure that my better half can access every little thing from her very own MacBook Pro.

I thought of establishing folder activities that would certainly replicate the documents right into the "Automatically include in iTunes" folder. Nonetheless, given that I such as to make use of the "maintain my iTunes collection arranged" alternative, the documents get relocated right into the iTunes music directory site and also I can not write a manuscript that will certainly contrast my MacBook Pro's iTunes music collection with the "Automatic" directory site on the web server.

Additionally, a straightforward documents duplicate will certainly not sync metadata like rankings and also plays. Exists a free, computerized remedy for syncing iTunes collections in between 2 Macs?

Below is just how I ultimately did it based upon the rsync pointer:

I made use of the link given by James in this solution (yet I obtained the --size-only alternative after the first sync) :

iTunes Utility - Merging Libraries

I additionally obtained the --force alternative (due to the fact that it's repetitive when additionally making use of --delete). so my rsync command resembles this:

rsync -av --delete ~/Music/iTunes/ /Volumes/robert/Music/iTunes > ~/Automation/automator/logs/itunes_rsync.log

I after that incorporated this right into an Automator operations. Resembles this: Get Specified Servers ► Connect to Servers ► Run Shell Script ► Eject Disk.

Developing it as an iCal Workflow is screwy for me due to the fact that I make use of MobileMe and also the iCal occasion obtains synced with my various other equipments where I do not desire this operations to run. So rather, I developed a representative making use of Lingon that runs the operations every 8 hrs.

2019-05-04 00:32:16
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I have not attempted this yet (although I am mosting likely to quickly) yet I think the latest variation of Dropbox has a lan sync. To make sure that you can inform it NOT to backup your music online (if it is bigger than your strategy permits) yet maintain them synced over the lan.

2019-12-03 02:04:10

You most likely to the little tab on top that claims "iTunes.". Click it, most likely to choices. After that most likely to Sharing. After that click "Share my collection with my library." After that click it to share my whole playlist on various other pc. and also transform whatever you desire, after that you need to have the ability to access your whole collection on all the computer systems that are signed up in your house system.

2019-05-31 00:18:54

It's feasible to maintain collections in sync making use of rsync. Google for iTunes and rsync and also you'll locate some remedies.

2019-05-07 20:33:03

How huge is your collection? Dropbox has actually aided many individuals in this scenario, and also it will certainly function from anywhere.


Do you make use of just one computer system at once? Are you the only customer of iTunes in each computer system? Is your desktop computer a Mac with the very same variation of iTunes?

If so, observe this circumstance :

You backup your desktop computer's ~/Music/iTunes folder and afterwards delete it. You after that replicate the whole ~/Music/iTunes folder from the Macbook Pro to the desktop computer.

You have your laptop computer away from the house. You tear a new CD or download and install some tracks from iTunes or Amazon.com, and so on (yet placed a duplicate of the new track documents apart in an additional folder momentarily ), after that pay attention, price tracks, and so on throughout the day. After that when you get home, you replicate the new documents to the Automatically Add to iTunes folder on the desktop computer and also iTunes does its magic of arranging the music submits ( similar to on your Macbook Pro! ) After that you change every little thing inside the ~/Music/iTunes folder on your desktop computer with what's on your Macbook Pro EXCEPT the ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media folder (where the real tracks stay ).


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