How do I install dig?

How do I install dig (the DNS lookup device)? I can not identify what the plan name is.

2022-06-05 17:37:26
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You can install it by opening up an incurable and also keying

sudo apt-get install dnsutils

Or using the Ubuntu Software Center by clicking bellow:

Install via the software center

For future reference, I located this out by doing a fast search with proper - cache:

apt-cache search dns dig

And after that validated with aptitude.

2022-06-05 17:56:18
sudo apt-get install dnsutils

To find out which package a documents remains in you can do

sudo apt-cache search dig

Sometimes that functions, yet in this instance it was pointless. You can look for which plan a details documents remains in making use of the 'Search the materials of plans' search kind below:

2022-06-05 17:56:14