Why does terminal say: "You have mail"?

Any suggestion why my Mac terminal claims:

You have mail in/ var/mail/lofye

How can I make it stop claiming that every single time I open terminal?

2022-06-05 18:06:28
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I'm eager to wager it is due to the fact that there are documents because folder.

Have you in fact considered the materials of the folder? If there is something therein, it will certainly greater than most likely offer you a suggestion of what created it, and also just how to stop it in the future.

From the terminal:

cd /var/mail/lofye

If you do not have mail, you will not see the message (there is not also a folder for my username under mail on my mac).

2022-06-05 18:17:31

If your running ClamAV for Mac this is a well-known concern. The system mails you after each upgrade and also set up check.

2022-06-05 18:16:41

Somehow you've had a manuscript or something comparable supply mail to your account on your neighborhood equipment which is saved in /var/mail/$USER

You can either remove the documents /var/mail/$USER which will certainly remove the alert that you have mail (as it will certainly signal you if that folder exists and/or has unread messages) or you can make use of mail to read the messages prior to removing them.

2022-06-05 18:15:24

Type mail to watch the mail. I think d removes it.

2022-06-05 18:15:21