Dynamically upgrading resolvers detailed in/ etc/resolv. conf

I rent out some Linux web servers and also the organizing firm gives a set of 8 DNS resolvers.

The feedback rate differs from resolver to resolver and also I occasionally change /etc/resolv.conf to get the most effective performance.

On 2 celebrations I located among my public internet sites was taking much also lengthy to load and also this was, partly, pertaining to it relying on backend internet solutions that were taking about 15s to settle a domain name to an IP.

To make certain one of the most receptive resolvers are constantly defined, I would certainly such as to automate the procedure of changing /etc/resolv.conf.

I can manuscript it if demand be, nonetheless that would certainly include a rare bug and also I intend to reduce the threat of a computerized procedure ruining /etc/resolv.conf. Any kind of pre-existing remedy that has actually been examined for a long period of time and also revealed to be secure will certainly be extra trusted than my very own remedy.

I'm interested in recognizing if any person has actually tackled this sort of trouble prior to and also whether there are any kind of secure scripts/processes/methods for managing this.

2019-05-04 00:43:17
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It would certainly entail mounting an added web server yet you can make use of a centralised arrangement monitoring system such as cfengine or creature to push out new resolv.conf to your web server (s) Brett

2019-12-04 06:40:15

On Debian based systems there is a plan resolvconf (wiki) that is made to take care of upgrading of the resolv.conf.

You can add, or delete access. You can arrangement manuscripts that will certainly be called whenever an upgrade has actually taken place. This permits you to alert various other solutions that an upgrade has actually been made.

2019-05-31 05:53:37

Have you attempted mounting your very own neighborhood caching called? Install BIND in your area (caching just ), and afterwards allow it quiz the DNS the means it was suggested to (locate delegations dynamically based upon delegations ). The just adjustment resolv.conf to indicate and also be performed with it. Possibly toss among your hosts IPs in there as a back-up, yet primarily rely upon your very own resolver.

2019-05-07 18:48:41