Just how can I install the Amazon MP3 application?

I have a Motorola Backflip working on AT&T with Android 1.5. I formerly had a G1 with which I made use of Amazon MP3 regularly to acquire songs. Nonetheless, Amazon MP3 does not begin the Backflip and also isn't in the marketplace. Where can I locate it to install?

Additionally, exists a factor it isn't on the marketplace? My hunch was due to the fact that AT&T desires me to utilize their exclusive application.

2019-05-04 00:45:17
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Xda-developers has a link in this thread, ordered from a cc-May-2010 Froyo ROM.

Locate it in AppBrain and also CyrKet.

Also, it IS in the marketplace since Sept 14, 2010 on my Incredible. All the best connecting to that.

2019-05-07 19:44:45