How to check if a port is blocked on a Windows machine?

On the Windows system, what indigenous alternatives to I need to examine if a port (3306, as an example) on my neighborhood equipment (as in localhost), is being obstructed?

2022-06-05 18:16:26
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If you can telnet to the port from the neighborhood equipment (making use of the exterior IP address), yet not from an additional equipment - after that it is being obstructed someplace in between.

Keep in mind that a firewall on your neighborhood equipment can protect against also the first activity.

2022-06-05 18:45:03

Since you get on a Windows equipment, these points can be done:

  • Execute the adhering to command and also seek a ":3306 " audience (you did not state UDP/TCP). This will certainly validate there is something working on the port.

    netstat - a - n

  • After this, if you are anticipating inbound links on this port and also really feel that the firewall might be obstructing them, you can make use of start windows firewall logging and also examine the logs for gone down links

    • Go to Windows Firewall, Advanced setups
    • Click on the Settings switch alongside "Local Area Connection"
    • Select "Log went down packets"
    • Look at the log documents area (otherwise existing, specify one)
    • Click Alright
    • Now, when the link effort is made (thinking you recognize when this is done), consider the log apply for a decline on port 3306 .
    • If this is seen, you will certainly intend to add an exemption for this port .
  • There is another command to examine the firewall state
    (Updated for Windows 7 customers - - as referred by Nick listed below - - usage netsh advfirewall firewall)

    netsh firewall show state

    • this will certainly detail the obstructed ports along with energetic paying attention ports with application organizations
  • This command will certainly unload the Windows firewall arrangement information

    netsh firewall show config

If you have an energetic block (inbound links are being come by firewall) after you start logging, you need to see that in the log.

If you are running an application/service that is paying attention on 3306, the firewall config need to show it to be Enabled. If this is not seen, you have actually possibly missed out on including an exemption with the firewall to permit this app/service.

Ultimately, port 3306 is commonly made use of for MySQL. So, I assume you are running MySQL web server on this windows equipment. You need to consequently see an audience for 3306 approving inbound links. If you do not see that, you require to collaborate with your application (MySQL) to get that began first.

2022-06-05 18:26:07