'procedure quit all of a sudden' on HTC Desire when Facebook sync energetic

As soon as per hr, I get a message on my HTC Desire claiming that a procedure has actually quit all of a sudden. It is the procedure. The trouble goes away if I disable the syncing of my Facebook account to the phone. To back this up, I have actually located that the checklist of contacts downloaded and install from Facebook is insufficient, so I am asking yourself if it is collapsing midway via the sync procedure.

As opposed to simply disabling it to stop the mistake, I desire the Facebook call sync to function effectively. Exists a means to repair this?

2019-05-04 00:55:18
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I've had a comparable trouble with the contacts sync for an Exchange account. I located that removing the account on my Desire and also re - including it made the mistakes vanish. Offer it a shot.

2019-05-12 12:42:26

I located this in another forum:

  1. Go to the People (call checklist) application
  2. Go to the Online Directories (Globe) tab
  3. Select Facebook
  4. You will certainly be asked to visit to your Facebook account. As soon as visited, you will certainly see every one of your contacts on your Facebook account.
  5. Go back to the complete checklist of your contacts on the phone and also attempt and also sync
2019-05-12 08:12:39