Keep in mind tackling the Entourage Edge

I lately found some free loan and also am taking into consideration acquiring a tablet. Especially, the entourage side due to the fact that it would certainly remain in my hands the day the cash is. What I'm interested concerning, nonetheless, is just how well this child can make note. The flooring version had actually gotten on for numerous days and also had actually had cut individuals screwing about with it and also had actually therefore collapsed.


  • Can the entourage side make note in actual time (ie what is the latency when dragging my pen over the ereader screen) when it has not been abused?
  • the amount of web pages of notes can it store without expanding the memory?
  • just how well does the side sync with a moms and dad computer system, especially a mac?
2019-05-04 00:57:18
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Answers: 2

According to the review on Engadget, note - taking is laggy ; approximately a 2nd in between creating a letter and also it showing up.

2019-05-10 18:02:19

That was a very early testimonial. The note taking has actually been quickened substantially and also although it is not fairly as quickly as an actual pen theoretically it is currently an all-natural feeling and also I have actually not located a far better writing experience on any kind of digital tool.

2019-05-10 08:02:40