Which makes use of extra power/drains extra battery: HTC Evo 3G or 4G?

I've read combined records online concerning which radio makes use of even more power-- 3G or 4G. Has any person done any kind of semi-scientific examinations that would certainly address this inquiry?

  • When frequently downloading and install information over the very same amount of time, which makes use of extra battery (battery drainpipe per secondly of download)?
  • When downloading and install the very same quantity of information, which makes use of extra battery (battery drainpipe per KB)?
  • Do both radios copulate the very same uniformity? Do they make use of the very same quantity of power when resting or is one far better than the various other?

I do not assume this is a straightforward inquiry given that the various regularities could take various quantities of power to transmit/receive, given that 4G is much faster and also might reach return to rest earlier, given that the procedure of keeping a signal might be various, and so on

. My city will not have 4G till completion of the year yet I 'd actually such as to recognize.

2019-05-04 01:10:19
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Anandtech did some screening with the Evo 4G and also located the battery life to be the very same when making use of 4G as when making use of 3G. http://www.anandtech.com/show/3791/the-sprint-htc-evo-4g-review/12 It is the only semi - clinical screening I've seen.

I locate that in Portland, Oregon 4G insurance coverage is erratic so if I leave 4G made it possible for the battery drains pipes much faster. My hunch is that it takes extra battery power to look for inaccessible 4G networks.

2019-05-10 07:35:07

So I can not offer you a clinical (or perhaps semi-scientific ) solution, yet I can offer you an unscientific one based upon my experience over the previous pair months.

We have 4G below in Atlanta, and also while it functions most almost everywhere I go throughout the day, I've located myself leaving it off a lot of the moment due to the fact that it has a recognizable influence on battery drainpipe.

The means I recognize it, the 4G radio is different from the 3G radio, and also I'm not exactly sure the 4G radio transforms "off" the 3G. I claim this due to the fact that when you make use of 4G it's feasible to receive information throughout a voice call, which you can not do or else.

That claimed, making use of the 4G widget it's actually very easy to turn it on when you require it, and also leave it off when you do not. It's not bothersome, and also will certainly aid your battery life.

2019-05-07 19:35:19