Just how can I send SMS messages from my Google Voice number without making use of the Voice application?

I would love to send sms message using Google Voice, as it is the number I hand out for voice calls. Nonetheless, I locate sending out SMS via the Voice application to be a little bit difficult. The new widgets boost this rather, yet it is still unpleasant.

I would certainly favor something with a user interface extra like Handcent or ChompSMS.

Exist any kind of various other applications that sustain sending out SMS using Google Voice?

2019-05-04 01:15:20
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This isn't the cleanest remedy, yet it's an alternative :

If you set up your google voice number so SMS messages are sent to your phone, every single time someone messages you, you will certainly receive that message from a 406 location code contact number. If you send a message back to that number, it will certainly reach your that individual, and also show up to them as if it originated from your google voice number. So you can conserve the 406 number for each and every call as a second contact number, and also set it as the default number to make use of for SMS.

(if you assume the Google Voice application is difficult, you need to attempt doing it from an apple iphone; ) )

2019-05-07 18:31:40