Javascript based analytics device with numerous customer account monitoring alternatives?

We run a take care of an internet site system for a huge retail franchise business. Each franchisee has their very own templated internet site. We presently make use of SmarterStats to give internet site analytics to our franchisees. SmarterStats behaves because it permits us to take care of the login details for our franchisees. If they upgrade their login details from an additional component of our internet site system, we can integrate that to SmarterStats.

Nonetheless, SmarterStats is bringing our internet server to it's knees efficiency sensible therefore we're seeking choices.

We can not make use of Google Analytics due to the fact that it would certainly be way too much to ask every one of our franchisees to create a Google login. Does any person have any kind of excellent pointers that would certainly fulfill these needs?

  1. Tracking is completed using javascript
  2. Permits us to take care of login details for thousands of users either using API or set upgrade.

I a lot value any kind of aid you can supply.

2019-05-04 01:16:20
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I have considered Piwik? The monitoring is completed using JavaScript and also although I have not attempted it, it is intended to sustain including users using an API.

2019-05-07 19:54:01

Piwik is a great remedy and also i would certainly recommend you the very same - yet you can additionally have a look at FireStats [1 ]. Given that the last upgrade it sustains tracking with JavaScript. Possibly thats sufficient for your demands.

[1 ]

2019-05-07 19:47:48

I'm in this watercraft also ... my firm constructs a SAAS application for marketing experts that subsequently market the item to their customers. Obviously, the numerous midsts can get rather insane quickly when you're attempting to disperse tailored details such as analytics. Below's just how we belted the trouble :

Like you, analytics organized on the web server were consuming cpu time active. So, we-- did-- do Google Analytics ... it was simply most convenient for us and also suggested that we can leave the web server procedures for running our application, which is currently functioning the web server rather hard ... and also it really did not injure that it was free. To take on the trouble of accessibility, we placed (most ) every little thing under one major account, after that make use of the API to call information right into the application based upon the GA details details for that website. Certain, there's a little of arrangement entailed, yet the outcome is top quality reporting that absolutely LOOKS personalized, which we can after that reverse and also market as a personalized attribute.

Below's the principle carried out in an on-line tut : In our instance, we made use of HighCharts (http :// ) for charting due to the fact that it's faster and also far better than flash, and also styled the web page with Jquery UI tabs along with Datatables ( ) grid-sorters. All our information is drawn using straight API phone call to Google.

On a different note, we do capitalize on Adobe Air reporting for our most valued and also biggest customers. It's a GREAT user interface and also permits them to promptly leap about really simple to read records from a desktop computer symbol. Below's a link :

Obviously, there are several alternatives around to take into consideration. This set simply took place to function the most effective for my firm.

2019-05-07 19:37:15