Is Windows Server 2008 "Server Core" ideal for a SQL Server instance?

I'm establishing a committed SQL Server 2005 box on Windows Server 2008 today, and also would love to pare it to be as barebones as feasible while still being totally useful.

Therefore, the "Server Core" alternative appears enticing, yet I'm unclear concerning whether I can run SQL Server on that particular SKU. Numerous solutions are resolved on the Microsoft website, yet I do not see any kind of sign concerning SQL Server.

Does any person recognize definitively?

2019-05-03 18:03:42
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No. For some points, you will certainly require the .net Framework (like reporting solutions), and also you can not install it (in a sustained means) in a web server core.

2019-12-04 07:11:02

Not certain just how qualified this source is, yet :

The Windows Server 2008 Core version can :

  • Run the file web server duty.

  • Run the Hyper-V virtualization web server duty.

  • Run the Directory Services duty.

  • Run the DHCP web server duty.

  • Run the IIS Web web server duty.

  • Run the DNS web server duty.

  • Run Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services.

  • Run the print web server duty.

The Windows Server 2008 Core version can not :

  • Run a SQL Server.

  • Run an Exchange Server.

  • Run Internet Explorer.

  • Run Windows Explorer.

  • Host a remote desktop computer session.

  • Run MMC snap-in gaming consoles in your area.

2019-05-07 18:17:00