That is the personality you play in Portal?

The personality you play in Portal is never ever called throughout the video game. I can see that it's a women by browsing a site, yet the video game constantly skirts any kind of details concerning the personality (e.g. GlaDOS talks with you, yet removes the name by claiming " Subject name below.") I recognize that Valve did this due to the fact that they desire you, directly to come to be extra involved in the video game, yet I assume having a engaging personality with a wonderful tale makes an excellent video game also much better.

That is she? What is her tale?

2019-05-04 01:32:21
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She is Chell.

See here :

Although Chell's beginnings are unidentified, she was most absolutely amongst individuals existing throughout GLaDOS's activation in 200-, as GLaDOS secured down the center after her activation, allowing none retreat, or be allowed from the exterior.

EDIT : Visiting, you can find out that she is the little girl of Cave Johnson (CEO of Aperture Science ) which she was brought there on Bring Your Daughter To Work day.

2019-05-07 18:49:23