Compelled GZIP Detection on Google App Engine

Some customers are showing up on our Google App Engine circumstances without the Accept-Encoding header. We generally make use of the set a cookie with an appended iframe technique (or variant thereof) to identify these and also send the proper gzipped web content.

As Google App Engine does not allow you regulate server side gzip, specifically on fixed web content, exists a details cookie value to set which will compel compression?

2019-05-04 01:35:21
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My intestine claims no. Web servers just send gzipped web content when they receive the proper Accept - Encoding header from the browser. The header itself is not component of the cookie sent out by the browser therefore you will certainly not have the ability to change it. Web servers do this to stop sending out a pressed documents to a browser that does not sustain it and also hence protecting against the web page from presenting appropriately.

At the same time you can do what it seems like you currently are doing and also compel it with web server side code.

2019-05-12 10:54:22