Phone LED just flashes for a couple of mins after obtaining an alert

My HTC Desire is set up to flash its LED light whenever I receive an email, SMS and so on

. Just trouble is that (without touching the phone) the LED quits blinking after 5 mins approximately. So if a message can be found in while I'm not near my phone and also I do not return for greater than 5 mins, I need to activate the screen to uncover the message.

I've undergone every little thing, yet there appears to be no setup for this.

Am I missing out on something, or is this deliberately? Exists an application for this trouble?

2019-05-04 01:36:21
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Answers: 2

Must be deliberately. Blinking the LED definitely would drain pipes the battery (also if just a little ). I do not see anything in Settings pertaining to extending the quantity of time the LED will certainly flash; you can just define what points create LED alert.

After some looking it resembles the "Missed Reminder" application permits a great deal of alert modification - LED period, shade, and so on. Not exactly sure just how to link an application so simply look for it in the marketplace. Appears encouraging. Hope it aids.

2019-05-07 18:23:16

I've seen the my Moto Droid began doing this with the most up to date Android 2.2. The alert symbol remains in the alert location, yet the LED quits blinking. Directly, I like this actions, yet I do not recognize of any kind of means to stop it from "silencing" the blinking LED. Appears to be deliberately, and also appears to be for the most up to date variations of Android.

2019-05-07 18:20:31