Presenting XML in the Chrome internet browser

I enjoy the Chrome internet browser, yet I make use of XML fairly a whole lot in my growth job and also when I watch it in Chrome I simply get the provided message.

I recognize that the resource sight is a little far better, yet I 'd actually such as to see the format and also capability that Internet Explorer includes in XML, particularly:

  • Highlighting
  • Open/close nodes

Any kind of suggestions just how I can get this on Chrome?


The XMLTree Extension is readily available on Google Chrome Extension Beta Site.

2019-05-04 01:41:22
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If you right - click a node, and also click "Inspect Element", you need to get the WebKit Web Inspector, which has great deals of expensive attributes including what you require ; this need to benefit XML along with simply HTML. Below is a screenshot from Safari, which has the very same assessor :

2019-12-01 19:37:55

I presume your best choice is to make use of a bookmarklet or install Greasemetal (which is Firefox' Greasemonkey for Chrome), incorporated with a manuscript like XML Tree (old, yet the source might still aid). An even more common syntax highlighting manuscript might aid too, yet I question if you'll conveniently locate one with code folding.

Keep in mind that whitespace could matter in XML. Not all XML visitors value that ; the screenshot developed by the previously mentioned XML Tree for the example XML does not value it for the line Sample XML component having a great deal of text, sufficient to be placed on a different line.

(Unfortunately is not reacting while I am creating this.)

EDIT : How to print pretty xml in javascript? on Stack Overflow stated a more recent variation of XML Tree: Pretty XML Tree, making use of XSLT and also asserts to be much faster. The trial does not reply to clicking in my Safari or Firefox, yet might be handy anyhow.

2019-05-31 09:09:14

I have actually currently developed a straightforward expansion to add this capability.

UPDATE see here for the extension.

2019-05-30 04:34:40

As much as I recognize it the constraint is in fact in the webkit providing engine as opposed to in Chrome itself. I question we'll suitable XML providing in Chrome prior to they effectively release expansions, at which time a person will certainly have the ability to code an area expansion to take care of text/xml documents.

If you desire a different to IE, the Firefox making of XML is respectable.

2019-05-09 02:30:27