Exists an alarm application that gauges individual and/or public vacations?

On my existing and also previous Android phones (HTC Magic with supply Android 1.6, and also Samsung Galaxy S with 2.1 and also TouchWiz) there have actually been respectable alarm applications that permit you to set a a selection of alarm systems with a selection of timing and also days. This offers you the convenient capacity to set various alarm systems for weekend breaks and also weekdays, as an example. However, I usually have the experience of expecting a wonderful lie-in on a vacation yet obtaining blown up awake prematurely, due to the fact that I neglected to turn off the alarm.

What I would certainly such as is an application that either readjusts the integrated alarm to instantly set the weekend break alarm when an individual or public vacation drops on a weekday, or one that changes the integrated alarm and also supplies this center.

I presume it can draw details on public vacations for my nation from a public feed (rather certain Google Calendar release one for the majority of nations) whereas for my vacations it can grab details all-day consultations with particular message in from a chosen Google Calendar.

2019-05-03 18:05:42
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There is an application called Holiday Alarm Disabler. I have not attempted it myself, yet it has a respectable ranking at Androlib.

QR Code for Holiday Alarm Disabler :

2019-05-07 17:12:13

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