Why am I getting a NoClassDefFoundError in Java?

I am obtaining a NoClassDefFoundError when I run my Java application. What is commonly the source of this?

2022-06-06 18:16:39
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This is created when there is a class documents that your code relies on and also it exists at compile time yet not located at runtime. Seek distinctions in your construct time and also runtime classpaths.

2022-06-06 18:31:06

I have actually located that occasionally I get a NoClassDefFound mistake when code is assembled with an inappropriate variation of the class located at runtime. The details instance I remember is with the apache axis collection. There were in fact 2 variations on my runtime classpath and also it was grabbing the outdated and also inappropriate variation and also not the proper one, creating a NoClassDefFound mistake. This remained in a command line application where I was making use of a command comparable to this.

set classpath=%classpath%;axis.jar

I had the ability to get it to grab the correct variation by utilizing:

set classpath=axis.jar;%classpath%;
2022-06-06 18:30:55