Just how can I move my information to a new xbox 360?

I simply acquired a new Xbox 360 slim. Just how can I move ALL the information from the old Xbox to the New one?

What concerning downloaded and install web content that I spent for? Can I re-download it?

2019-05-04 01:50:23
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Downloadable web content needs to have the ability to be redownloaded at will, so you should not have any kind of concerns there.

For your various other web content, such as conserved games, flicks, etc, you have a number of alternatives :

  1. The XBox 360 disk drive transfer package, if you have one about.
  2. If the web content is completely tiny, you can make use of flash memory card, by hand relocating the information onto the cards, after that onto the target XBox.
  3. If the web content is bigger, you can consume to 16GB of USB - based memory currently. So a 16GB flash drive can be identified for store - acquired, along with in - video game (conserves, etc), information.

As soon as the information is moved, you will certainly additionally intend to transfer your licenses for content. Guidelines are readily available on the xbox 360 website.

2019-05-08 08:46:38