Exists a keyboard faster way for playing a track next in iTunes DJ?

I would certainly such as a quicker method of marking time my tracks in iTunes DJ. Right clicking and also picking the alternative is also slow-moving.

2019-05-04 01:52:23
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Answers: 2

You really did not state what keyboard, yet on the Apple keyboard :

F7 - reactivate existing track

F8 - pause/play

F9 - miss onward

Note that you require to have package uncontrolled in OSX that claims usage function keys as regular. In case you utilize your function keys for something, I've additionally efficiently developed trigger hotkey combinations in Quicksilver. You can additionally possibly simply remap them in keyboard choices.

2019-05-07 20:48:52

You can make an automator operations with "Get Selected iTunes Tracks" and also "Add Songs to Playlist". That will add it throughout of iTunes DJ, however, is that adequate?

In order to offer it a keyboard faster way, you can either make use of a keyboard faster way energy like Spark, Quicksilver, or Butler, or you can conserve the operations as a solution and also offer it a faster way in the keyboard shortcuts area of the system choices.

2019-05-07 20:20:16