Does Ubuntu have assistance for the TRIM command for usage with SSD?

SSD drives require to be "cleared/reset" after the drive fills out to keep efficiency. This is done via the TRIM command for new SSD drives. Does Ubuntu sustain the TRIM command (via hdparm etc) for clearing/resetting of these drives?

2019-05-06 20:57:59
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In basic, yes, due to the fact that there are a collection of means to get more recent bits. If we clarify your inquiry to read, "Does 10.04 LTS have assistance out of package for the command?" after that the solution is no. Nonetheless, both Maverick is and also Natty is bits (- common, - common - , - web server, and also - digital tastes) have actually been backported to 10.04 LTS and also are readily available from $release - updates in the Ubuntu databases, as an example, linux-image-generic-lts-backport-maverick is Maverick's backport to Lucid.

2019-12-04 06:33:07

Jeremy is solution is not totally exact AFAIK. I've been running the most up to date secure bits on Lucid for time currently and also have actually been adhering to the standing of TRIM fairly acutely as I have an OCZ Agility as my major disk.

Below is what (I assume) I recognize:

  • The kernel has TRIM assistance since 2.6.33 (Maverick is 2.6.35).

  • EXT4 has TRIM assistance yet just when journaling is switched off.

  • The means TRIM operates in the kernel is really standard and also fairly slow-moving. Disks adhering to the specifications can approve numerous arrays yet the kernel presently can just do one array at once. This originates from something I read probably a month earlier. I desire I had the resource as this could not hold true or could no more use.

Journalling is what eliminates it for me. Information corruption is a PITA.

Nonetheless the more recent variations of hdparm (v9.25 - Maverick goes to v9.27) featured a manuscript called which executes a fast evaluation of a drive and afterwards cuts all the void. As opposed to shed attributes, I locate it a lot easier to cron to run as soon as a week (or as soon as a day/month/whatever). SSD destruction for an OS drive does not take place that quickly unless you are frequently tearing points up. You do not require realtime TRIMming.

There is additionally a GUI frontend called DiskTRIM which does not seem in the repos. Much less seasoned customers could locate this less complicated to make use of than establishing cron work.

There are PPAs for hdparm and also disktrim and also all can be worked on Lucid (and also better back) without demand for 2.6.33+bits.

2019-05-13 15:27:00

Looks like there is assistance for the TRIM capability in the 10.10 and also more recent launches :

Also, the TRIM things takes place instantly - vacant blocks are instantly launched when they're no more required (eg, you delete a documents), if the disk records that it sustains TRIM. You do not need to by hand release a hdparm command for this to function.

2019-05-08 18:03:30