Just How to Install OSQA Q and also A application in Apache

Just How to Install OSQA Q and also A application in Apache Server. I have actually mod_python mounted yet still I am unable to run OSQA. I can not locate the very easy guideline to install it.

2019-05-06 21:05:51
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OSQA is a Django application, so first you will certainly require to install Django. You might additionally require to install various other dependences of the task. (I attempted it and also needed to install html5lib, as an example) Also, I would certainly highly advise uninstalling mod_python (unless you actually require it for another thing) and also mounting mod_wsgi rather, given that regarding I recognize mod_python is deprecated and also on its means to being entirely unmaintained.

As soon as you have actually mod_wsgi mounted and also made it possible for in the Apache configuration, you'll require to make use of the WSGIScriptAlias instruction to enable OSQA.

  1. When you look into OSQA from SVN, you'll have a directory site called trunk which has a documents called osqa.wsgi.dist. Relocate that trunk directory site to an area of your selection, possibly in the very same area you store various other internet site documents.
  2. See to it all documents in trunk (or whatever you relabelled it to) are legible by the internet server. (They possibly currently are)
  3. Read via the documents settings_local.py.dist and also modify it to match your demands. You'll at the very least require to give a data source name and also data source engine.
  4. Relabel settings_local.py.dist to settings_local.py.
  5. Relabel osqa.wsgi.dist to osqa.wsgi.
  6. In your Apache configuration documents, inside the digital host where you desire OSQA to be offered, add the adhering to fragment (changed as defined listed below, certainly) :

    <IfModule wsgi_module>
        WSGIScriptAlias /osqa /var/www/www.example.com/osqa.wsgi

    Here /osqa need to be the URL course under which you desire OSQA to be readily available (maybe / if you like), and also /var/www/www.example.com/osqa.wsgi needs to be changed with the complete course to the documents osqa.wsgi (the one you relabelled in the previous action).

  7. Examine your Apache configuration and also if every little thing is ALRIGHT, reload Apache. You need to have the ability to accessibility OSQA at your picked URL. If anything fails, the mistake message need to offer you the details you require to repair it.
2019-05-08 18:09:45