Bandwith strangling in IIS 6 by IP Address

I am creating an application that downloads huge documents behind-the-scenes. All customers are visited locally, or via a VPN. When they are visited locally, I do not intend to strangle downloads. Nonetheless, I would love to restrict downloads to 10 KBps when the customer is attached using VPN. I can set apart in between these customers by IP Address array.

Given that this is an AIR Application, I figure I will certainly strangle using server-side given that I can do it from either the web server itself (IIS 6) or the internet solution ( C#).

Strangling via IIS 6 appears to function great, yet it feels like it needs to be done throughout the whole internet site. Exists anyhow to do this using IP? Or will I need to gear this up in.NET?

2019-05-06 21:10:57
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