Exists still an area for tape storage?

We've supported our information on LTO tapes for several years and also it's an actual convenience to recognize we have every little thing on tape. A sis task and also among our information carriers have actually both relocated to 100% disk storage due to the fact that the price of disk has actually gone down a lot. When we recommend systems to possible consumers nowadays we often tend to minimize or otherwise state our use tape systems for information storage given that it could appear obsolete.

I really feel extra comfy with having actually information conserved in 2 different layouts: disks and also tape. On top of that, as soon as information is firmly contacted tape, I really feel (probably naively) that it's been completely conserved. Not needing to rely upon a RAID controller to be able to repeat information is an additional plus for me.

Do you see an area for tape backup nowadays?

2019-05-06 21:13:48
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In the back-up setting I handle we have 2 tape collections. One is an LTO - 2 Library and also the various other is IBM TS1120's.

Generally we can store upwards of 1TB of information per tape, at a price of concerning $50 per. Our key collection has a harsh ability of 750TB and also makes use of the room of concerning 12 flooring ceramic tiles and also really little power.

Disk storage is most definitely growing, yet when making use of venture back-up software program, you can make use of disk modern technologies to store your energetic information, utilize de - replication and also break - shotting, go across - website synchronization, and also still place older variations of information away on tape.

Tape is additionally really valuable to please several audit needs which compel you to store huge quantities of information, such as e-mail, for extended periods of time (7 years).

The brief solution is, yes, tape is still significantly active and also has an area in the venture and also it will certainly for the direct future.

You can conveniently please your rate needs by saving energetic information on disk and also long-term information on tape, and also you will certainly have the adaptability of sending out tapes off - website for calamity recuperation objectives.

2019-05-20 23:38:56

Well, given that you asked, when I assume 'tape storage' I assume 'discomfort - in - the - butt write - just memory'. I totally approve that this is possibly really unreasonable of me, yet that is my organization, and also I would certainly constantly instead have information on disk, offered the alternative.

2019-05-20 23:38:13

The major benefit of tapes is that it's very easy to place them right into a turning system and also store them off - website for long-term back-up. You can do the very same with disks, yet generally they're not that conveniently matched a turning cycle, and also you'll need to store them meticulously to stay clear of harming them (very same goes with tape too certainly, yet they're less complicated to take care of).

2019-05-08 19:39:23

Our pattern is to write information as soon as and also read never ever when possible. (We examine our tapes periodically, yet we attempt to maintain a functioning information set online.) As soon as a tape is complete, we placed it in a closet where they accumulate dirt. Our consumer has a packrat way of thinking so we never ever toss any kind of information away. There's no certain price to archiving the information past the price of the tape itself and also maintaining the closet cool. Occasionally, we acquire even more tapes to expand our storage possibility.

Our sis task shops comparable information to disk. When a dividing fills out, the dividing obtains transformed to read just. The whole RAID system have to continue to be on-line and also eat shelf room for the life of the task. The good news is, they generate rather much less information, so they possibly will not surpass their existing storage.

Tasks that have large storage needs, do not call for every little thing to be on-line simultaneously and also have to maintain every little thing would certainly succeed to consider tape storage also in the period of terabyte disks. Yet it's not the cut - and also - completely dry choice it as soon as was.

2019-05-08 18:48:30