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The common maximum number that I have actually seen in the "running" area presented in top (1) is the variety of sensible CPUs mounted in the system. Nonetheless, I have actually observed that under Ubuntu 10.04 (not signed in various other variations), occasionally top (1) programs extra procedures running than the restriction I've stated.

What can be creating the display screen of say, as an example, 2 running procedures in a solitary core system?

2019-05-06 21:18:25
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Hyperthreading, probably.

Keep in mind that top's male web page claims :

Tasks revealed as running need to be extra effectively taken 'all set to run' - - their task_struct is merely stood for on the Linux run - line up. Also without a real SMP equipment, you might see countless jobs in this state relying on top's hold-up period and also wonderful value.

2019-05-08 20:15:05

The "running" area in top does not show the variety of jobs that are all at once running, it reveals the variety of jobs that are runnable , that is, the variety of jobs that are competing for CPU accessibility.

If top can get all system details in a solitary time piece, the "running" area would certainly be specifically the variety of jobs whose standing (S column) show R (once more, R below is usually claimed to suggest "running", yet this actually suggests "runnable" as above). In technique, the number might not match due to the fact that top obtains details for each and every job individually and also several of the runnable jobs might have slept or the other way around by the time it ends up. (Some executions of top might simply count jobs with the standing R to calculate the "running" area ; after that the number will certainly be specific.)

Keep in mind that there is constantly a runnable job when top collect its details, particularly top itself. If you see a solitary runnable job, it suggests nothing else process is competing for CPU time.

2019-05-08 20:13:11