Is web content inside a <noscript> tag indexed by search indexes?

Is web content inside a <noscript> (HTML4, HTML5) tag indexed by search engines?

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2019-05-06 21:24:25
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It's indexed by Google. Attempt looking for "to take full advantage of flickr, you should use a javascript-enabled browser"

Google additionally includes "About 58,400,000 outcomes (0.22 secs) ".

2019-05-08 18:22:07

I did a little study and also it seems like there is a whole lot to the <noscript> tag. Below is what I located :

  1. Google does consider the information within the <noscript> tag
  2. Spammers and also black hats have actually abused the <noscript> tag prior to. So also when Google makes use of the <noscript> tag to establish search engine result it isn't among the more powerful regulations.
  3. Google appears to be presently index the message within the <noscript> tag for outcomes yet it shows up to transform that on and also off, see below,
  4. Google will certainly adhere to web links within the <noscript> tag yet it will certainly not send Public Relations to the web pages connected from within the <noscript> tag

Also, according to this record,, Google favors the message within the noscript to match the examination within your JavaScript. The objective of making use of <noscript> to give elegant destruction. This write-up additionally makes it seem like Google can currently index JavaScript rather well which suggests abusing the <noscript> tag is a negative suggestion yet that there is absolutely nothing incorrect with utilizing it.

2019-05-08 18:18:59