rsyncing a bootable backup

jwz states PSA: Backups a backup system that's rather brilliant. Your backup method is to basically recover to the substitute drive. This appears to function merely on OSX. What all do I require to do to embrace this overview to Ubuntu?

2019-05-06 21:29:31
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You can not make a secure duplicate of a real-time system. The most effective wager is to make a boot disk, claim a real-time CD, changed to run a manuscript that does the back in among the means defined over.

You can make use of these instructions to do the duplicate with ddrescue.

2019-05-20 00:10:04

You really did not state the regularity and also the restraints. For desktop computers, I made use of a straightforward every night cron manuscript that did a foolish yet full replication of the drive based upon something like:

dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdb


  • Can not be less complex . If there is a trouble, simply throw out the damaged drive and also you are excellent to select a new one.
  • Given that you will certainly read the entire drive once more, and also creating the whole additionally it behaves to identify some negative fields in an aggressive means.
  • Filesystem & partitionning agnostic.

Negative aspects

  • Horridly slow-moving (Read hrs ). I did boost it by utilizing a personalized device that did primarily the very same, yet reviewing the location in parallel and also just releasing a write if the information was transformed.
  • Given that you are reproducing several real-time filesystems, very little need to transform in them, specifically given that it is not actually like a crash, the start of the drive will certainly not remain in sync with completion So it is far better to do it on an upkeep basis (with momentarily remounting the filesystems R/O)

An extra chirugical remedy does exist if your system permits "snapshotting" such as LVM snapshots as various other mentioned. I recommended my own given that the backup/recovery component is not as straightforward as your inquiry appeared to indicate.

2019-05-17 09:20:46

If you are brilliant, and also you intend beforehand, you can make use of LVM to complete this for you.

Claim you have your system on a drive that makes use of LVM ; actually, the whole system gets on an LVM quantity someplace.

With your 2nd disk drive in an exterior case, attach the drive to your system, get LVM to identify the drive, and afterwards make use of LVM is mirror center to replicate the drive in area. As soon as a full duplicate is ended up, damage the mirror. You will certainly currently have a specific photo in time (due to the fact that the mirror additionally videotapes any kind of adjustments that happen throughout the duplicate process). The only point you require currently is to make it bootable. If you are making use of GRUB, you can do this from your existing system.

If you intend to be actually brilliant, write this process as a manuscript, and also run the manuscript often. All you need to do is see to it the exterior drive is affixed when it runs.

2019-05-16 20:15:01

I do not have a specific action - by - action dish for you, yet I believe I would certainly start constructing a system similar to this. I am thinking you are an Ubuntu customer based upon your symbol, the tags.

  • I would certainly start with the mini.iso that matches your operating system and also do a CLI - just install onto the mobile drive. I would certainly make it one large dividing.
  • I would certainly examine starting from the mobile drive to see to it every little thing is functioning until now.
  • On the install on your mobile drive I would certainly upgrade the/ etc/fstab, and also/ boot/grub/menu. checklist to make use of the uuid if they aren't currently.
  • I would certainly create a backup manuscript (/ root/rsync - to - portadrive) and also exclude documents (/ root/rsync - exclude) like bellow (you possibly require to add/tweak your exclude documents).

I have not examined this and also exercised the great information, yet I am rather certain if you rsync and also do not overwrite the/ etc/fstab or/ boot, after that the system needs to still boot and also have the ability to place the origin filesystem. The/ root/rsync - exclude documents will certainly maintain you from consisting of tmp documents and also scrap you do not require to backup, and also it will certainly maintain you from overwriting your/ boot directory site and also fstab.

Like I claimed, I have not examined I think my standard strategy is audio. I concur with various other posters in thinking that this isn't a wonderful method for supporting your system. If you have any kind of data source applications like mysql, you will certainly intend to see to it you back them up independently.

/ root/rsync - to - portadrive

# mount the portable device
mkdir -p /srv/portabackup/
mount /dev/disk/by-uuid/19976dc9-2d2b-43e3-87ff-d3fb071ddcb3 /srv/portabackup/

# make a backup of your /boot and fstab
mkdir -p /srv/portabackup/boot_backup/
cp /etc/fstab /srv/portabackup/boot_backup/fstab
rsync -va /boot/ /srv/portabackup/boot_backup/
# sync the main system
rsync -vaEH --delete --stats -D --numeric-ids \
      --exclude-from=/root/rsync-exclude \
      / /srv/portabackup/
# unmount
umount /srv/portabackup/

/ root/rsync - exclude

- lost+found/
- core
- *~
- .nfs*
- /tmp/***
- /var/tmp/***
- /boot/***
- /boot_backup/***
- /etc/fstab
- /etc/mtab
- /srv/portabackup/***
- /proc/***
- /sys/***
+ *
2019-05-13 18:41:19

Partition both exterior drives similarly as your system drive, and also rsync all your dividings along with dding the boot field (the first field of the drive) from the system drive to the exterior drives. Ugly, yet functional, if you get your dividing right (large if).

Additionally have a look at advanced "system photo" systems like mondo rescue, which kinda care for that type of hoax for you.

2019-05-11 20:04:06

For Ubuntu I advise making use of sbackup, the entire "rsyncing a real-time bootable disk" simply does not function quite possibly in Linux. If the UUID's are various on both drives (9/ 10 they will certainly be) after that you can not merely boot off the backup disk to come back up and also running, you'll require too off your Ubuntu CD and also modify/ etc/fstab on the substitute drive first. If the UUIDs coincide, after that you're mosting likely to face troubles while attempting to have both placed all at once.

There are distinctions in the Mac filesystem that make this sort of hoax feasible, I've never ever come across doing this method using rsync yet it's really usual in the OSX globe to backup by merely developing a disk photo of your real-time boot quantity, which you can later on recover. Capability to recover such photos is given on the OSX install CD.

The quickest remedy for Ubuntu is sbackup and afterwards simply re-installing Ubuntu (from the Ubuntu 'live CD' it's properly the like recovering a disk photo, after which you recover your previous plan option, config and also information from the sbackup archive. Rather straightforward and also I believe you can write a howto that takes a new customer via the full actions of backup/install/restore without much trouble.

2019-05-11 16:09:00

Not certain if I am recognizing your inquiry appropriately :

If you are intending to backup your linux equipment to create bootable recover cd's , after that look at mondo

It's a brilliant backup program that supports your bit and also all called for equipment vehicle drivers in such a means to be able to photo the whole web server to.iso photos, which can after that be melted to CD/DVD. After that if a recover is required, simply appear the first CD, power - on, and also select a recover alternative.

2019-05-10 06:09:10