Ideal means to stop a nation dropdown from influencing google SEO

We have a website which contains a "join" kind in the sidebar in the majority of web pages. This signup has a dropdown of nations, the materials of which are being indexed by google and also influencing our websites SEO.

Exists any kind of preferred means to settle this. Regarding I can inform the alternatives are:

1) Make the dropdown load dynamically using javascript (not an alternative for us given that we require to benefit non-jsj customers)

2) Take the signup kind, stick it in its very own web page, and also include that web page in an iframe rather. In this manner, google will certainly index that seperate documents once therefore the nation dropdown alternatives need to not be rated so very.

Exist various other alternatives?

Many thanks

2019-05-06 21:32:10
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Answers: 2

1 and also 2 do seem like your alternatives. 1 is dismissed as a result of the need to sustain non - JavaScript qualified site visitors, currently, it's feasible that JS in tandem with a <noscript> tag would certainly be analyzed in different ways, yet I would certainly not trust that. 2, effectively applied (see to it the kind targets _top and also takes care of mistakes and also recognition effectively) seems like things.

2019-05-08 18:24:02

If you select alternative # 2 you can after that exclude the iframe web page in your robots.txt and also entirely remove it from Google's index.

2019-05-08 18:20:17