Instantly place network drive when readily available

I have a NAT drive, that comes using SMB. I have an access in fstab to place it at boot. Yet if the drive is not activated it is not placed throughout boot and also I need to by hand place later on. (The NAT boots a whole lot slower than my COMPUTER and also generally is not up at the factor COMPUTER attempts to place it).

Exists a means to instantly place the drive when it appears in the network? Ideally if it can be done using command line devices, not entailing GUI programs.

Making Use Of PCLinuxOS with KDE.

2019-05-06 21:33:25
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What you're seeking is AutoFS. Install the RPM, after that see to it that it's going for start (RH/etc : chkconfig autofs on). Modify the documents/ etc/auto.master and also add the adhering to line : /media/ /etc/ If I were you, I would certainly transform "media" in both areas to be the name of your origin - degree directory site. After that modify the documents /etc/ and also add finaldirname mount-options \\\sharename

A fast google offers this web page.

2019-05-08 18:20:51