Just how to check CPU/memory use of a solitary process?

I would love to check one process's memory/ cpu use in actual time. Comparable to top yet targeted at just one process, ideally with a background chart of some type.

2019-05-06 21:37:37
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I generally make use of adhering to 2 :

  1. HP caliper : its great device for monitoring procedures it you can examine call chart and also various other reduced degree details additionally. Yet please note its free just for individual usage.

  2. daemontools : a collection of devices for taking care of UNIX solutions

2019-05-08 19:35:14

On Linux, top in fact sustains concentrating on a solitary process, although it normally does not have a background chart :

top -p PID

This is additionally readily available on Mac OS X with a various syntax :

top -pid PID
2019-05-08 18:51:01

htop is a wonderful substitute to top. It has ... Colors! Straightforward keyboard faster ways! Scroll the checklist making use of the arrowhead keys! Eliminate a process without leaving and also without making note of the PID! Mark numerous procedures and also eliminate them all!

Amongst every one of the attributes, the manpage claims you can push F to adhere to a process.

Actually, you need to attempt htop. I never ever began top once more, after the very first time I made use of htop.

Present a solitary process :

htop -p PID

2019-05-08 09:01:41