Switch off cellular phone (SIM) radio

Just how do I transform the cellular phone (SIM) radio on an Android phone?

The radio eats a great deal of power (30-70%), specifically when the phone is still. Occasionally I just require to make use of various other features (e.g., clock, internet internet browser), and also make the battery last as long as feasible.

" Airplane setting" does this yet additionally switches off the WiFi (near, yet not specifically what I require).

2019-05-04 01:59:24
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Once you've placed the phone in Airplane/Flight setting, you can by hand re-enable WiFi. (On my phone at the very least ) this leaves WiFi on and also the phone radio impaired. It does entail a pair extra clicks yet I assume it attains what you're after.

A glance round the marketplace revealed a couple of applications that handle this establishing for you, as an example the "Airplane Mode Wi-Fi Tool" and also "Airplane Autoswitch". Either of these might simplify the procedure a little.

Aircraft Mode Wi-Fi Tool QRCode :

Airplane Autoswitch QRCode :

2019-05-07 20:28:17

I have actually been making use of Juice Defender to excellent result for some time. It switches off battery-sucking features and also transforms them on periodically to permit syncing and also is very personalized.

2019-05-07 20:26:06