Windows 2003 ODBC Issues - Error 10055

Making use of information integrator for ETL's drawing information from DB2 to SQL Server, after time, will certainly get these odbc mistakes:

Interaction link failing. comm rc= 10055 - CWBCO1003 - Sockets mistake, function returned 10055

Can not do anything with ODBC afterwards, need to reboot package, and also presently we simply reboot package every evening at twelve o'clock at night to attempt to stay clear of the concern from taking place.

Attempted this, yet it really did not function, virtually made it even worse.

There does not appear to be a remedy visible. Nothing else boxes that make use of ODBC get this concern that we make use of. Can not reformat package right now, heritage things on it.

Has any person seen this concern, found it, repaired it, minimized it?

2019-05-06 21:39:26
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Answers: 3

An application with a take care of leakage created me troubles today. Among the signs and symptoms was that "portqry.exe" would certainly return a Winsock 10055error.

2019-12-01 19:31:10

Certainly a reduced - memory problem, perhaps brought on by the exceptionally usual blunder of not shutting DB links. My referrals are:

  1. Examine the quantity of non - paged swimming pool memory readily available as the procedure runs. Probabilities are it will continuously decrease till the equipment falls short. This is an indication that outlets aren't being shut or bit I/O barriers aren't being released. (unclosed outlets is more probable)
  2. Check for an unidentified or exterior Layered Service Provider (LSP) in your winsock pile using 'net sh winsock magazine > wsockcat.txt'. Contrast the result to your various other Windows web servers. Believe first any kind of carriers that have actually been put right into your pile that stem beyond mswsock.dll.
  3. If reduced non - paged swimming pool is the trouble see if reactivating the application or either DB web server launches memory. You are most likely not making use of link merging, so 'sp that' and also 'checklist applications' could show intriguing outcomes if some DB accessibility layer is leaving old links open.

If you do see the DB web servers reporting a high variety of still links in # 3 you might have the ability to minimize the trouble by creating manuscripts to proactively closure extra links from the web server side of the outlet.

2019-05-17 09:43:15

This is a shot in the dark, yet below goes.

" Function returned 10055" is a common out - of - memory or out - of - sources mistake originating from WinSock, the home windows outlets collection that ODBC makes use of.

Exists a means to configure your SQL Server to DB2 link to make sure that it makes use of Named Pipes as opposed to TCP/IP? That would certainly bypass WinSock entirely.

2019-05-11 22:33:38