" Access Denied" when attempting to connect to remote IIS web server from my neighborhood workstation

I am presently creating an application that attaches to IIS web server and also crawlers via the digital directory site to collection details. When I attempt to connect from a Windows XP SP3 with IIS 5.1 equipment to a Windows Servers 2003 web server with IIS 6.0 I get an "Access Denied" exemption.

In the web server's security occasion log it reveals that I am attempting to develop a link as my neighborhood workstation's ASPNET account. I am a manager on both equipments and also it does not appear to play a variable with problem firing the concern.

I uploaded this SO inquiry on 4/1 and also did not get anywhere. Possibly uploading it on SF will certainly give far better understanding and also problem capturing.

2019-05-06 21:52:55
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In the conversation on StackOverflow you stated that it functions when you run it as a standalone C# application, yet not when you run it as an internet application.

That makes good sense. When you run it as a standalone C# application, it is keeping up your identification. When you run it via an internet application, it is running making use of whatever identification you have actually set up for confidential internet demands under IIS, in this instance, that neighborhood workstation's ASPNET account.

Relying on the protection scenario, you either intend to

(1) set up the neighborhood internet server to make sure that that application offers confidential internet demands making use of a various account, one that has ideal approvals on the server, or

(2) set up the neighborhood internet server to not permit confidential internet demands. You will certainly need to browse through to the website via your internet internet browser making use of the username - password related to an account that has ideal approvals on the server

2019-05-11 22:15:30