Exists any kind of expenses in establishing numerous internet site in IIS?

Among our web server managers set up 1 internet site per internet application. This is mostly to have various host headers per application. (We additionally create DNS access per application, permitting the internet application to be crossed web servers without needing to transform web links or book marks.) Exists any kind of expenses or performance concerns in doing this?

To put it simply, exist any kind of significant concerns with having 500 internet sites with 1 internet application each as opposed to 1 internet site with 500 web applications?


Allow's think each internet site constantly has its very own application swimming pool. My inquiry is actually:

Is an internet site simply an additional arrangement alternative without expenses, or does developing several internet site decrease performance? (in all, also if it is tiny?)

2019-05-06 22:08:54
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Depends on the performance needs and also number - crunchiness of the internet sites. A far better remedy could be to set your number to about 4 - 16 and also virtualize them, yet on beefier physical boxes.

Checking comes to be essential when you run numerous applications from the very same server/cluster. You need to get on top of the CPU % and also made use of web page swimming pool. When it begins to float over fifty percent, you intend to update or unload several of the beefier applications onto committed boxes.

2019-05-11 22:31:30

No, there is no efficiency distinction in between 1 website with 500 applications and also 500 websites each with 1 application. Consider it like the distinction in XML in between tags and also connects - - simply an issue of choice on just how you such as to structure the very same information.

2019-05-11 22:01:03

This can be a good idea. If every one of your WebSites are making use of the very same AppPool and also among the websites is a dripping memory, or buggy, then that AppPool will certainly be reused and also all of your WebSites will certainly be influenced.

If you divide your WebSites right into numerous AppPools after that this minimizes that concern.

Significant organizing websites like http://www.discountasp.net/ run each WebSite in a seperate AppPool.


2019-05-08 19:11:05