Why do some applications without internet includes call for internet accessibility?

A number of applications I've mounted or taken into consideration claim they call for internet accessibility despite the fact that they have no noticeable internet attributes. Among one of the most shocking ones was a straightforward compass application.

Why is this?

2019-05-06 22:17:51
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Usually applications call for internet accessibility for advertisements, logical information, or for sending out bug reports/stack traces back to the programmer.

Various other factors could include making use of Google's licensing servers to confirm reputable duplicates of applications with Android market acquisitions (Google's licensing web servers make use of the CHECK_LICENSE approval). In a similar way, some programmers generate their very own keys and also certificate web servers (before Google's execution).

As an example, I am the developer of a tipping calculator app. It calls for the internet approval to send logical information back to me using Flurry. Eventually I strategy to add this remote stack tracing program for even more thorough mistakes (yet I have not yet due to the fact that until now my application hasn't actually created any kind of bugs/errors). Yet the value of this details deserves requesting for the internet approval. I can see specifically the amount of customers of what Android OS are utilizing my application and also what are one of the most preferred phones utilizing my application. Nonetheless, I additionally offer customers an "pull out" in the setups if they pick to not send me this details.

2019-05-08 19:14:07