tmux vs. GNU Screen

Browsing through questions I located concerning tmux (I generally made use of GNU Screen). My inquiry is what are benefits and drawbacks of each of them. Specifically I could not locate much concerning tmux.

2019-05-06 22:19:21
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Drench elevates an intriguing factor - the default actions of attaching two times to the very same session is various in tmux. Nonetheless, if you intend to attach two times and also have an independent sight of the windows because session - start tmux with

tmux new-session -t <session name>

That will certainly create a new session for you, and also attach the windows from the currently existing session. If you really did not call your first session, you can add one with 'relabel - session'.

2019-05-31 01:58:29

I assumed I would certainly simply state concerning the byobu wrapper that is readily available for screen that makes it a lot far better right out of package. I do not recognize if something similar to this is readily available for tmux, yet byobu made my.screenrc just a handful of lines. Look into this quick article concerning byobu and also screenshots. The project page for byobu defines the name stemming from a Japanese term for attractive, multi - panel displays that act as folding area divider panels. Additionally, simply running it does not damage your screen setups, so you can securely attempt it. As soon as you start the session with byobu you can openly reconnect to it making use of screen and also still not loose any kind of modifications done by byobu (so utilize it just for the first conjuration). Both major benefits of it are:

  • Starts screen with a number of standing bars with valuable details
  • Provides several keybindings to accessibility screen is capability less complicated

I am not making use of the keybindings component, yet most definitely locate the standing bars valuable.

Additionally you could locate Screen Vs tmux link valuable. I assume a lot of it is currently stated by existing solutions.

2019-05-30 09:31:38

The largest distinction in my usage has actually been that in Gnu Screen you can just divide structures flat, whereas in Tmux you can divide both flat and also up and down. This is sort of a relocating target, though as I below inform that vertical split is making it's way into screen.

Various other then that, points have to do with level.

2019-05-08 20:05:44

I had problems obtaining screen to sustain utf - 8 and also 256 shades yet tmux functioned out of package.

2019-05-08 19:51:56

tmux is rather new compared to GNU screen. Benefits/ Disadvantages is a challenging inquiry, as both programs address about the very same trouble. tmux is BSD accredited while screen is GNU GPL. This matters to some individuals.

screen is extra stood for (on Linux) presently, that is, you are more probable to locate it on an offered linux box than tmux. tmux is nonetheless extra stood for on OpenBSD as it is consisted of as component of the base install.

Both programs permit you to do concerning the very same point, though the state of points is a little bit extra intricate than that. Changing in between both is not extremely made complex, as much of displays capability has actually additionally located its means right into tmux, though if you are a power customer of either one, you will likely locate some stress when switching over to the various other.

Similar to any kind of program, it actually relies on your demands, and also which you are extra comfy with. Provide both a shot and also see which you play perfectly with.

For even more details on tmux see

2019-05-08 18:40:22

From their website :

  • How is tmux various from GNU screen? What else does it supply?

tmux supplies numerous benefits over screen :

  • a plainly - specified customer - web server version : windows are independent entities which might be affixed all at once to numerous sessions and also watched from numerous customers (terminals), along with relocated openly in between sessions within the very same tmux web server ;
  • a regular, well - recorded command user interface, with the very same syntax whether made use of interactively, as a key binding, or from the shell ;
  • conveniently scriptable from the shell ;
  • numerous paste barriers ;
  • selection of vi or emacs key formats ;
  • an alternative to restrict the window dimension ;
  • an extra useful standing line syntax, with the capacity to present the first line of result of a details command ;
  • a cleaner, modern-day, conveniently expanded, BSD - accredited codebase.

There are still a couple of attributes screen consists of that tmux leaves out :

  • builtin serial and also telnet sustain ; this is bloat and also is not likely to be included in tmux ;
  • bigger system assistance, as an example IRIX and also HP - UX, and also for weird terminals.
2019-05-08 18:30:29

One distinction remains in just how both act when numerous terminals are affixed to a solitary session.

With screen, each affixed terminal's sight is independent of the others. With tmux, all affixed terminals see the very same point.

Claim you have actually 2 terminals affixed to a solitary tmux session. If you type ^B 1 right into one terminal, the various other terminal additionally switches over to window 1.

When you have actually 2 terminals affixed to a solitary screen session, and also you type ^A 1 right into one, it has no result on the various other incurable.

This is based upon my experience with tmux 1.2 ; I see 1.3 is out yet I really did not see anything in the changelog concerning this actions transforming.

If you like the screen actions and also desire it in tmux :

If your initial tmux session is called 0 (the default), after that you can do tmux new-session -t 0) to start up a new independent session attached to the very same set of home windows, which can after that have its very own sight.

2019-05-08 11:43:23

I will certainly take the freedom of including one distinction :

tmux is ncurses based while screen does not attract added components. If a person usage incurable emulator that sustains scrolling (s) he will certainly get scrolling with screen yet not with tmux (at the very least in default arrangement). The very same point relates to looking and also comparable attributes.

2019-05-08 11:19:59