AppBrain supplies to upgrade application that industry does not

The Appbrain application is supplying to upgrade my Maps, Street View and also Facebook application. In the Android Marketplace, I can not see any kind of alternative to upgrade (though I have actually never ever upgraded an application prior to so I do not recognize just how the upgrade would certainly show up). I am asking yourself if this distinction has something to do with HTC customisations. Should I permit Appbrain to upgrade these applications or otherwise?

2019-05-06 22:34:19
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Were these pre - mounted applications? You will not get market upgrade notificatins for applications that are pre - mounted, you need to go to the marketplace and also by hand install any kind of more recent variations of the application and afterwards you'll get future updates using the marketplace.

The very same point occurred with my Droid. I read about an upgrade for Facebook (which began my phone), yet never ever saw an upgrade in the marketplace till I looked for it and also by hand mounted the application.

2019-05-08 19:35:31